Tuesday, February 22, 2011

25 Ways To Relax and Unwind

By Pharmvision Ventures
Lately have you tried relaxing or finding ways to unwind? If you are bogged down with heavy workload, pressing deadlines and other important matters, it is vital to take a break to recharge yourself. You?ll be causing harm to your body by subjecting it to long-term stress. Moreover, a recharged person is able to function more efficiently. The combination of a healthy body, mind and soul, does not only make you feel better but it also gives you an edge to perform better.
So take time out to unwind! Start by choosing any of these 25 ways.
  1. Read a book. Immerse yourself in something else besides work, such as fiction, inspirational stories or someone’s biography.
  2. Listen to music. Put on your favourite songs and let them boost your happy feelings.
  3. Watch a movie either in the comforts of your own home or at the cinema.
  4. Soak in a warm bubble bath.
  5. Have a karaoke session. Get your friends together and croon the night away. Do so at reasonable hours, please!
  6. Go jogging or running. Exercise is a great stress-buster.
  7. Dance. Feel the music?s rhythm and move your body to the beat.
  8. Go window-shopping. Check out your favourite shops. You don?t have to buy anything. However, some of us may find shopping as a form of therapy
  9. Take a walk at the park. Enjoy the fresh air and nature?s beauty.
  10. Pray. Prayer is healing and gives us inner peace.
  11. Chat on the Internet or on the phone. Meet new friends and keep in touch with old friends.
  12. Have a good laugh session. Just call your friends for teh tarik and share the funny moments of your lives.
  13. Write a snail mail to a dear friend. Nothing beats the old fashioned way of communication ? writing.
  14. Keep a journal. Writing is a form of therapy and can help you to understand yourself better. Pour out your inner feelings or whatever frustrations you are facing.
  15. Play with your pet. If you don’t have a pet, perhaps you?d like to get one. A cat, fish, rabbit, ? you take your pick.
  16. Take a vacation. A change of environment and excitement can be a great way to recharge.
  17. Plant some flowers. Watching the seeds sprout to life can be a wonderful reminder of the wonders of life.
  18. Go fishing. Find a quiet spot - pond, river, beach or even those commercial fishing ponds - to cast the hook and wait for the bite.
  19. Play with a child. Children can be wonderful reminders of what truly matters in life.
  20. Go for a picnic at the beach. If the beach is too far away, the park could be another choice. Have a jolly good time with your loved ones.
  21. Draw or paint. Let the creativity flow. Express yourself with colours, strokes and the use of graphics.
  22. Go for a hike. Enjoy nature as you track uphill.
  23. Sleep. Have a good night sleep. An afternoon siesta may help to recharge you too.
  24. Relaxation exercises. Take up meditation, yoga and deep breathing.
  25. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, massage and a new hair cut.
This article is written in-house by a staff of Pharmvision Ventures and has been reviewed by Dr Amran Ahmad

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